Tuesday, September 29, 2015

You'll never guess who's really in control?

The Power of a handshake:

Every training about body language and sales I start by asking the people to give a handshake. It's fun and I learn a lot. Even before I start giving the training. Oh, and I join the group in shaking. Why?

Simple, everybody gives away what kind of person they are. Exact, I use it to adjust my way of communicating with every individual.

You've got 3 basic types:




And the real power lies....

Hum, hum, the affiliate. They can be very harmful if they don't get what they want and they always know how to influence the boss.

UAW, yes, indeed, they will not tell you what they think. You need to ask them always very polite.

And years of giving training, coaching and consulting already learned me, the hard way, I can add, "I better ask". Missed a few deals over that one.

Oh well, that's life isn't it. But now you know, take control from the beginning by adjusting you behavior from the start of the meeting.

And everybody is happier, all good what ends good. Sounds like a Social Fit Training in Vancouver

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