Friday, October 9, 2015

How To Get Your Sales Story In While Respectfully Answer The Clients Objection - The Closing Game

Asking for the close is like a habit of mine. I always ask for the close during the closing game. even twenty times. Why? Not letting the moment slip by!

Most young sales-reps just ask ones for the close. They tend to sell and unsell the product multiple times. Getting the contract becomes just a roll of the dice.

Closing technique:

The first loop I only talk about the product. I don't talk about the company and myself. Some people will talk about all three.

The closing game starts just after you did your presentation and people ask questions.

So, I finish my presentation and add: "believe me, you'll not be sorry. Sounds fair enough?"

That's when the clients puts in objections and questions about what's on their mind.

Usually you got three possible answers:

1. I love it --> you give the client the contract and close the sale
2. I don't know yet, it sounds good but  --> you start looping matching their tonality
3. No way --> you start looping matching their negative emotion answering the questions and objections, getting their spirit up.

This is the point where the sales begins. If the client is totally not interested like in option three. You say thanks for your time and effort and you leave. Nothing worse than not respecting a clients opinion...

And yes, I know about sales reps that are capable selling ice to an Eskimo. Well, I prefer to sell ice-cream on a hot sunny day on the beach far away from any water source. Makes my life much easier, and the close that much faster.

At least you got the presentation in and they got something to think about for the next couple of minutes. I can always call them later with another proposition. They know this product now and they can alway ask for it, even if I have to hint at it!

For options one and two. We are going the long way. Asking for the close every freaking time we got a chance.

If they already like your product, you go:

Great, ....

If they don't know yet, you go:

I understand, and that's exactly why I'm...

Try to match the emotion they expose in their voice and posture. Start from this mirroring to get their emotion up until they are really exited.

Tip: You only talk when the client is looking at you. So, when you ask a question, just wait for the response. A client will think about what you just asked, so his eyes will go to the left or to the right.

Give the client time to look at you again and then continue with the conversation.

Reason is simple, the eyes betray his thinking pattern. Look at this map...


So, the more a client gets into the sales talk, the more he gets convinced he needs the product, the more his eyes will start moving from left to right, desperately trying to find the next excuse and escape root not to buy.

His brain will go in overdrive and you'll be the first witness to this really amazing phenomena. Relax and enjoy it, keep stacking argument to the conversation taking away negative beliefs and restricting convictions about you, the company and the product.

In the end the client will give in because you stay at this game of closing.

Remember, have the courtesy to shut up while the client is moving his eyes to the side, ergo is thinking. He's not listening anyway.

Tip: talk to the clients left ear, it gives you direct access to the brain. His right ear will give you some criticism, a critical answer you have to deal with.

Even if that happens, you want to be emotionally upbeat, the pure emotion will get them exited too.

The first excuses clients come up will be the most dumbest excuses you'll ever heard.


Price to high...
I'm under contract...
My college is pregnant and when she comes back in 27 months...

Just keep looping...

After a while the real objections will pup up...

Keep going: "I hear what you say and let me say this..." telling a story about the product, yourself and the company and answering the objection that comes up.

So, if you directly answer the question that the client poses, the client is controlling the situation. And really, do we want that?

So , listen to the question, go " I hear what you saying and let me say this..." putting in a little story about yourself, the company and the product... and then answering the question the client just put forward.

We are parking the objection or the clients answer for just a minute... to get our own answer in.


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