Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sales Presentation: Sales,Yes I Red Seals

This video is about the sales presentation. Just one part of this 3 day training. And takes just a few minutes instead of long boring presentations that go on and on and just take time away from the selling and even are counterproductive for the closing of the sales because they tend to raise more questions and problems than resolving them.

Exactly How To Persuade Anyone That's Closable To

Take Buying Action... While Increasing Your Sales,

Closing Rate And Gaining Confidence!

If you are struggling with selling a product, service...

Or selling your self, this system is the closest thing to Magic I've ever seen...

Here's a small sample of what you'll learn...

>>How to get instant rapport with your prospect and use it to gather massive intelligence

>>The art and science of Yes-prospecting and using it on the spot to turn the client around and influence him unconsciously

>>The core to creating awesome presentations that actually help closing the deal instead of raising more questions, objections and limiting buying beliefs

>>How to bust objections and limiting buying beliefs as they pop-up and belief me, they will pop-up

>>Asking for a close without asking it, over and over again so closing becomes a habit not a one chance deal

>>Getting the magic words in at the exact time you need them to get prospects to yes because you'll get a list of in the field proven-track record words that have been working for decennia

>>The inner game of sales like getting yourself exited in seconds so the prospect experiences only the best confident you

>>How to turn objections into Closes while feeding the prospect eager to buy

>>What to say when prospects start talking about their holiday so you don't loose half an hour on chit chat while NOT be seen as a rude door-to-door vacum-cleaner rep

Creating clients for life while masterminding your way into the next deals

If you're a professional looking to reach the red-seal or rainmaker level or you're just starting out and wonder how on earth you will ever master the selling-game without spending the next ten years struggling and begging for a buy... start here.

It took me literally decades to put this material together and the first time I shared it with a client, she turned around, using it the very next day, closing a deal she was feeding for more that two and a half years.

Closing for more than 467,304$ in less than half an hour.

Call it the silver bullet of sales, she said. Yes, I said.

So, you will master all these powerful down to earth, real life, hands-on techniques and much much more. Confidently exceeding the 95% average salesreps-talks to become a real red-seals, rainmaker customer-getting masterminding professional.

Red-Seals Sales Training And Coaching

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