Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why Keep Looping And Closing While Selling: Full Glass Theory Explained

Some people go very easily and with some people it takes time. Sometimes the weather isn't so beautiful, so it takes time...

In the past we started challenging the customers when they asked a question, put forward an objection by putting forward an other question. Really just reframing  the question that the customer just asked us.


Customer: It is to expensive
Sales Account Manager: What is expensive to you?

That's the way of taking control over the situation, by imposing a question upon the customer and letting him answer his own doubts.

It still works, so keep doing that. Sometimes, use looping.

I don't want to challenge a customer always and everywhere, just when I know I'm going to win the challenge, I'll except the battle.

And even then I don't do it so often because it feels to "me against customer", not together we will find a way to satisfy your inner needs.

I accept that the client feels my product is too expensive. And then I'll give him my opinion about the price. Explaining the value of the product, our company and me.

If stuck with defending the price, then the customer will do the same. Hence, a battle.


Clients believe: money is bad
sales rep: money is good

I, as a sales rep am not going to convince the client that money is good. That's not happening.

What happens is this:
completely filled glass of water = brain of client
juice = my opinion
Old Way: clear the mind of the client and fill it up with the juice
New Way: keep the glass full and keep pouring juice into it while engaging in a conversation.

Hence, not all the juice will go it but some will and that's sometimes enough to make him unconsciously change his mind!

This is the way a commercial works. Where-ever you go, you'll see a commercial of Mac Donald's.... after a while you crave for a hamburger...

Just keep saying the same stuff over and over again in a different way.

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