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Using Closing Scripts I Vancouver Red-Seals Training, Coaching And Consulting

Closing Sentences In Sales Help You:

Try to use the sentences in a group of people first. A sales-team would be perfect. That way you get immediate response on the construct of your endeavors.

That's the masterminding way, solving problems by sharing them in the group. Spill you problems, there's always a person that knows the solution, for sure.

Then visualizing the material, like Einstein, making continuously pictures, little mind-maps. After a while you will have a map of the whole word.

The trick is replacing the models you got while you were a kid with more mature models and pictures as an adult. Every time you reach mastery in a domain, you pictures are powerful. Mastering multiple domains accelerates your vision.

In sales you want to paint the most powerful picture of a bright and sunny future using slides that portrait and feature visual images representing their outcome when they would use your products.

Ones you've done that, you do the same thing but in the negative picturing the world where the actually live in now. In other words, the worst case scenario.

Keep the client in this worst case scenario until they buy. That's right, only when they buy, they are allowed to relax and enjoy the rest of their life.

We call that boxing in. Imagine the client in a box were you keep him while he is asking questions. These questions are his limiting beliefs and limiting values.  Take away every limiting belief and value the client has.

After a while the client just wants to buy...

Oh, when you do a presentation only with pictures, people will stare at you. You've grabbed their attention!

Use your body language to keep rapport. Pace, pace, pace, and then lead taking their spirit up to the close.

After the presentation start looping. Tell your sales stories about the product, about yourself and about your company.

Keep adding positives and removing negatives.

In the loops, you want your stories as concrete as possible. Mention name, dates, places, actual snatches of the conversations you had.

So you need some script to help you looping, do you. Just use these sentences until you find your own, use metaphors:

First sentence after the presentation:
"Believe me, you will not be sorry. Sounds fair enough?"

Transition sentence:

"Great. Let me ask you a question.Does the idea makes sense to you?"

First loop:

"I hear what your saying. And let me say this..."

"If I was your contact for the last three years..."

"So if I got you... and got you... and it worked for you... you..."

"Let me say that based on everything you just said, our product seems like a perfect fit for you. All I'm asking is for you to give me one shot and if I am half right, believe me, the only problem you will have is that you didn't call me six months ago. Does that sounds fair enough?"

Second loop:

"I hear what your saying. And let me say this..."

About myself
Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Manon. I'm the account manager for Red-Seals... And I pride myself on getting my clients the best possible result. And I work harder than anybody out there. Last week I even came in on the weekend because...And I want to become the top salesperson in Red-Seals, not by being wrong. And not by not getting my clients the exact result that they want. My business is of referrals."

About my company
"And as far as my company goes. Red-Seals has been created to channel back the best training, coaching and consulting resources and tools we've created over the past decades to make education as accessible to as many people as possible."

About my product
"And honestly what is the worst that could happen... is that going to put you out of business. But on the upside what I can do for you, beside this transaction... (put in massive benefits, interrupt their decision-making pattern). And all I ask is this, give me one shot. Give me 90 days to prove myself to you. And if I even do this half as well for you as I've done for other clients. Belief me, the only problem you'll have is that I didn't call you 6 months ago and you started then. Sounds fair enough?"

Third loop:

"I hear that you have to speak to your boss. But let me say this. The true beauty (resell yourself, the company and the product). What exactly do you have to talk to your boss about?"

Then close him on this argument and ask for the sale!
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